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Welcome to the World of Far Fetched Grooming!

A Grooming Blog Where we talk about grooming, dogs, skin conditions, pet care and more.

My name is Jessica, and I'm so glad you came across our blog!

Far Fetched love of cats

I am the owner and founder of Far Fetched Grooming. I have had a deep passion and love for dogs ever since I was little. I have worked in the pet industry for a very long time starting with a small pet store in Sechelt BC. I quickly advanced in the pet industry and was a sponge for the knowledge the industry provided. I grew to become the manager of this small local pet store and later on worked as a retail sales coordinator in a feed and supply store in Merritt BC. I was a very well known individual with pet retailers and distributors and was beginning to feel as though I had reached my capacity in the pet store world.

I dove into a diploma course related to pet grooming. Learning a new trade is always hard and challenging and I wanted to quit on multiple occasions. I persevered and stuck with it ultimately to be rewarded with a full scale grooming salon now employing three other groomers. I have attended multiple grooming education platforms with world renowned vets and groomers alike such as Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Micah Kholes, Shannon Tupes, Mary Oquendo, Corinna Stamworthy and others. I am AKC disease and Sanitization Certified, Fear Free Certified, Pet First Aid Certified, and Reiki level 1 and 2 certified.

superzoo meeting  Dr. Karen Becker

Thank you for Visiting!

Thanks for getting to know me! We are always accepting new clients. We never close our books. Give the "Click me for our website" box to have a peak at our website. Or take a look at our other blog posts. More articles to come as this industry provides an unending amount of knowledge that is worth sharing.

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