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Next Clinic Date:
May 11th (limited spots available)
July 6th (open for booking)

               Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning

Our service is an all-natural approach without the use of sedation that should be considered an extension of care in the grooming process and overall pet care.

We will have your pet’s teeth cleaned in about an hour with no recovery from sedation because we don’t sedate your pet!

Our Session Includes:


  • Remove tartar & plaque

  • Brush stains, teeth & gums

  • Pet report card

  • Takes about an hour

  • Review of our session


Our mission is to provide a comfortable teeth cleaning experience for pets and their humans alike.

How do we do it? As we gain your pets’ trust we will start to introduce a toothbrush and hand scaler. We will remove plaque on all teeth surfaces including under the gum line and finish by bushing stains, and gums. Our service takes about an hour.

Contact Head Office

561 Cardero St, Vancouver, BC
tel. (604)568-6096

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