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So it sounds like you've added a four legged friend to your family congratulations! We at Far Fetched Grooming know just how exciting this is and would love to help transition your puppy into loving his or her experience at the Groomer's. Have a look at our tips and tricks below. 

The Right Groomer

Before choosing a groomer that is right for you and your new puppy, it is of high importance that you do your research. Phone around, price check, ask if you can view the facilities and make sure cleanliness is a priority. Ask what products are used. When it comes to your dog, there can never be too many questions. 

Meet Before Booking

It is important to take your dog to meet the groomer once or twice before booking an appointment. We at Far Fetched Grooming like this approach as it shows your puppy we mean no harm. 

Short First Intro

It's very important that your pup be introduced to grooming at the right age and for the right amount of time. Our goal as groomers is not to traumatize them during their first experience.  At Far Fetched Grooming a puppy's first grooming appointment should ONLY consist of the three F's; Feet, Face and Fanny.  If your puppy allows us to do more we will continue but we mainly want to introduce your dog to a short and simple experience. A bath and blow dry should be booked within two weeks of the initial appointment. 

Slow Build to A Full Groom

A puppy's third grooming appointment should consist of everything including, nails, clipping, bathing, blow drying etc. Everything that would be considered a "Full Groom" in the grooming world. Some puppies take more time and we follow the dog's behaviour and signs in regards to when we can and should add more grooming elements. 

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